Resolution Specialists


Our Resolution Specialists have decades of business and legal experience in areas such as Intellectual Property, Employment, Construction, Aviation, Real Estate, Professional Liability and Commercial Contracts/Transactions.   Let our Resolution Specialists assist you in resolving your (or your client’s) dispute in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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To schedule a session, please call EB Resolution Services at (818) 753-2326.

Meet Our Resolution Specialists

Erica ERICA BRISTOL – Erica’s experience includes over 10 years as an intellectual property attorney and over 7 years as a commercial mediator.  Her specializations include Intellectual Property (copyright, trademark, trade secrets), Commercial Contracts/Transactions and Real Estate.  Erica’s approach: resolve legal issues from a business point of view.  Learn more.
Marty Rudoy  MARTY RUDOY -  Marty is a closer. Litigated cases already have a judge; they don’t need another one.  They need a dealmaker; someone who has an uncanny sense of spotting where a deal can be made, where agreement can be reached.  Marty uses his knowledge and experience to help the parties “get the deal done.”  Learn more.
Jon Morse  JONATHAN S. MORSE – Jonathan has more than 30 years of experience handling aviation, labor and employment law throughout the United States.  Mr. Morse has worked with many aviation, labor and employment clients over the years, providing personal attention and business-centered solutions. Learn more.
Charlie Williams SM CHARLIE WILLIAMS – Experience includes over 2500 mediations with more than 600 litigated cases, in subject matters including Construction, Insurance Fraud, Personal Injury, Aviation, Intellectual Property, Contracts, Medical Malpractice, Consumer Protection, Labor and Union, Real Estate, Sports, Equal Employment Opportunities, Workers Compensation and Contracts. Learn more.
Neil Kalin NEIL KALIN – Neil has years of experience in commercial arbitration, helping parties navigate legal disputes from a “business” point of view.  Neil’s experience as in-house counsel provides a unique perspective to dispute resolution, appreciated by attorneys and clients alike.  Learn more.
Stephen Marcus2 STEPHEN MARCUS-Stephen has over 43 years of experience in business litigation. He’s handled cases involving bankruptcy fraud and preference actions, UCC matters, secured creditor transactions, commercial contracts, real estate and construction disputes. Stephen uses his litigation experience to help attorneys and their clients find solutions preferable to the time, delay and expense of litigation, not to mention leaving one’s fate to 12 people who could not get jury duty.  Learn more. 
Howard Fields  HOWARD FIELDS-  Howard has over 30 years of experience in litigation, from early consultation and  mediation, to trials and appellate review on various topics such as professional liability and business disputes.  He has tried numerous cases to judgment and has successfully briefed and argued dozens of appeals on federal and state courts.  Howard understands litigation; he knows how to help the parties to resolve disputes and get back to business. Learn more.