Value-Added Resolutions

Some resolution providers offer legal experience; some offer business experience.  Our Resolution Specialists excel in both, providing value-added dispute resolution to get you “back to business.”  Our forward thinking strategies and tech-savvy approach provide innovative and affordable solutions for dispute resolution.  Services include arbitration, mediation and early neutral evaluation.

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Discounted Rates for “Small Disputes” & Members of “The Esquire Network (TEN)”

EB Resolution Services offers a 3-hour mediation session at a discounted flat fee of $750 for “small disputes” (a demand of $50,000 or less). TEN members ( receive a 10% discount off EB  Resolution Services’ regular rates.   Additional terms apply; please contact EB Resolution Services for more information.

“Mock Sessions”

Do you have a team member who has never participated in an arbitration or mediation? Do your team members need a confidential strengths/ weakness assessment?  Our “Mock Sessions” help you assess your team’s presentation and negotiation skills.

“Virtual Mediation”

EB Resolution Services offers “Virtual Mediation” (conference call, web conference) for those  clients seeking a technology-based approach to dispute resolution.

  • Saves you, your business and your clients time and travel costs
  • Avoid rush hour traffic/parking
  • Participate from any location-your office, the boardroom or from home (web conference requires Internet access)
  • Videoconferencing also available

“Sessions in 7(tm)”

EB Resolution Services is now offering “Sessions in 7tm,” allowing participants to schedule a mediation session in as few as 7 days.  “Sessions in 7″ provides disputants with pressing scheduling needs, such as those ordered into mediation by a court with a pressing completion date, a party with an impending statute of limitations issue or those parties that are simply seeking a quick resolution, to have mediation sessions scheduled on an expedited basis. Additional fees and conditions apply; please contact EB Resolution Services for details.

“Flexible” Hours

EB Resolution Services offers evening, weekend and other flexible day and hour options to assist clients with special scheduling needs.

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