solutionbuttonEB Resource Group is a solutions provider, offering risk management consulting, alternative dispute resolution and education/training services.  Originally founded in 2012 as EB Mediate, an alternative dispute resolution service, EB Resource Group expanded its offerings in 2014 to include risk management consulting and education/training.  EB Resource Group’s principal office is located in Encino, California.

Mission Statement

EB Resource Group’s mission is to be the number one trusted advisor and “one stop shop” nationwide for business risk management, alternative dispute resolution and education/training services, by providing each business with the right service, at the right time, and at the right cost.

Vision Statement

EB Resource Group’s vision is to provide the greatest customer service experience possible by “actively listening” to clients and the market; knowing when our client’s needs are changing; and providing innovative products and services to meet those changes and keep the customer ahead of the market whenever possible.


Podcast Interview with Erica Bristol

Listen to Erica Bristol, Owner of EB Resource Group, discuss all of the services and information provided by the company.


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